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A staple in Italian cuisine, it is said that Italians eat over sixty pounds of pasta per person, each year!  When selecting the pairing of pasta and sauce, there is one general rule regarding compatibility. Allow Italia Regina to assist you with these choices! Choose from our vast selection of excellent 100% Italian products, that will bring the taste of the Italy straight to your table!

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The ancient origins of pasta can be traced back to the Neolithic age when man began cultivating and subsequently grinding cereals, kneading them with water, then baking and drying in the sun to keep them long.

Dry Pasta was first created in the Southern Island of Italy, named Sicily, in 1154. It was produced for long-term preservation, making it easy to transport to distant destinations. Subsequently, the pasta was transported to Liguria, on the west coast, where it then began being transported all around northern Italy.

To the aristocrats of Italy, pasta was considered a side dish, while for the less wealthy, it was a special meal. However, the severe famine in Naples in the 1600’s, pasta, due to lack of other food, became a mass food and production and conservation techniques were thus improved. Further into the middle ages, a new method of boiling was also introduced, and new formats of pasta were created, including the first forked pasta.

From Italy, it was then exported all over the world.

Today pasta is the symbol of Italianicity excellence.

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