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Pecorino table and grating cheese; white or black coated crust; made from semi-raw milk; white color with compact tiny eyes. Hard savory and tangy cheese, intense and aromatic, tending towards spicy with aging. All forms are are engraved with the writing “Pecorino Romano”, the institutional logo, serial number, month and year of production! To enhance the taste, we suggest to pair with important, full bodied red wines such as Brunello di Montalcino, Cannonau di Sardegna or Carignano del Sulcis Rosso. This cheese is great alone; to start or finish a meal; a non-substitutable ingredient in many typical regional dishes!

About the Brand

CAO Formaggi (CAO, the Italian acronym for “Cooperativa Allevatori Ovini” meaning “Sheep Breeders Cooperative” and “Formaggi” meaning Cheeses) is a Cooperative composed of 700 members, that was founded in 1966. The cooperative was established with the aim of bringing together a group of farmers to transform the milk produced in the respective companies in order to create a distinguished production of delicious cheeses with high quality standards.




Sheep’s milk, salt, lamb rennet

It may contain traces of other nuts. 

For more information about CAO Fromaggi and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!


CAO Formaggi

Brand of Italian cheese

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