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The flavors and intense aromas of the Italian Riviera, are enclosed in Pesto alla Genovese Biffi, one of the most typical dishes on the culinary traditions of the land. Basil first mowing, pine nuts olive oil are the secret of this pesto unmistakable flavor.

About the Brand

Milanese bakers’ mastery was renown-they used to be called “prestinée”
and “uffellèe” ; and Paolo Biffi was one of them. In 1852 he opened his 
“Offelleria Biffi” in Corso Magenta and shortly became so important not only
for the Milanese people but also for those gourmets who travelled all over
Italy. Shortly after the Italian Unification, rightly in 1866, Paolo Biffi was
appointed Her Majesty’s confectioner. In the following year, he inaugurated
the first “Gran Caffè Biffi”, in center Milan. An elegant café and restaurant
that very soon became one of the symbols of fin de siècle, and that made
of Biffi brand a mark of food quality and refinement for Milanese people.
The intuition of the founder, Pietro Casella, was to believe in the market
evolution of new ambient and chilled products. In this period we launched
a new premium line ; the concept of handmade care on which Biffi production
is based, found its best expression into a wide range : for example, in 2010
we created the first chilled organic pesto, that was gluten-free and GMO-free.
This start was then followed by a whole range of sauces. Nowadays vocation
to innovation still inspires our Corporate activity, since Formec Biffi keeps on
trying to anticipate the market needs.



Cooking Instructions

Heat the sauce on medium temperature or in the microwave (after having removed the cap). Add to pasta, then sauté in a small pan. Add some grated parmesan before serving.


Olive oil, 28% DOP Genovese basil oil, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, garlic, olive oil extraverginedi, Grana Padano PDO (contains lysozyme from egg), 2% pine nuts, potato flake, concealer acid: lactic acid, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.
For more information about Biffi Milano and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!

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