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Corn, quinoa, rice and fiber offer this special gluten free pasta an unique taste. This pasta is a great experience for indiviudals who are gluten intolerant, celiacs or just for those looking for a low gluten diet. Garofalo has done it again with producting this product, never scarificing quality or taste they have create a product that can really be enjoyed. When cooking this pasta we suggest that you do not rely completely on the cooking time recommended on the pack, but check a few minutes before the time is up so it is cooked to your taste. The pasta is formed through a bronze die, the resulting rough texture gives the pasta the ability to absorb the sauce better which means attention is needed to get the time right for when the pasta is drained before mixing with the sauce.

About the Brand

We like to think that the history of Pasta Garofalo lies entirely in the pasta we make, in our know how and constant quest for quality and flavour, in the lines of pasta wrapped in transparent packaging – as transparent as our conviction that knowing how to make pasta is a centuries-old art, the upshot of a story we narrate day by day by what we do and which you can read, every day, in the pasta you eat



Cooking Time

8 Minutes 


Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Quinoa, Corn Starch

For more information about Garofalo and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!

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