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The system of cooking the pasta in milk is the legacy of the Medieval Times when cooking pasta, prepared only by hand, was a fine dish reserved for those who had many servants. The first macaroni were usually cooked in a rich and fatty broth meat, which in the days of abstinence was replaced by milk or water and butter. Among the most ancient Italian recipe book The Art of Coquinaria Maestro Martino da Como, manuscript of 1450, which contains the first historical recipes for macaroni, here’s one to make vermicelli: Vermicelli – distemper pasta and filial breaking in thin pieces with fingers as a vermicelli, and put it to dry in the sun, and they will survive two or three years. And when you want to cook it do it in meat broth, or chicken fat for one our time. And then do the soup with grated parmesan and spices. If it’s not meat time you can cook it with milk of goat.

About the Brand

We like to think that the history of Pasta Garofalo lies entirely in the pasta we make, in our know how and constant quest for quality and flavour, in the lines of pasta wrapped in transparent packaging – as transparent as our conviction that knowing how to make pasta is a centuries-old art, the upshot of a story we narrate day by day by what we do and which you can read, every day, in the pasta you eat.



Cooking Time

9 Minutes 

8 Minutes Al Dente


Durum Wheat Semolina, water

For more information about Garofalo and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!

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