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The name “Mozzarella” comes from the Italian verb “mozzare” (to cut off), which is the action of working the curd and then tearing off each piece with index and thumb fingers, giving the mozzarella its typical round shape. Enter the world of buffalo mozzarella and discover its historical origins and the best ways to preserve and taste it through our unique recipes!

To guarantee a costant compliance to the typical product requirements, Mandara Management operations include production monitoring and basic ingredients inspection, and provides know-how, efficient technologies and specialized resources to the agricultural world, in order to assure the quality from the origin. Known as “the White Pearl of Campania”, buffalo mozzarella has a strong tradition and a deep cultural background among the Italian cheeses.

You will find 3 mozzarella of 100 grs singled packed 

About the Brand

I.L.C La Mediterranea S.p.A has been producing buffalo mozzarella for more than three generations. With their selected and consolidated assets and their professional knowledge, I.L.C La Mediterranea S.p.A operates on the market as a recognised industry leading company.Its birth can be traced back to the post–World War II, when Francesco Mandara founded a chain of creameries specialized in milk and milk derivatives.  From mere retail company, I.L.C La Mediterranea S.p.A became a production company in the 60s, with the sole purpose of supplying the retail chain. During the 70s, the Company went through a period of great growth: its production facility moved to the present plant in Mondragone and the retail  business expanded up to eight stores in the cities of Naples, Rome and Milan. In 1983, the plant was taken over by the founder’s grandchildren Giuseppe and Elisabetta Mandara


Naples – Campania


Bufala milk, salt, rennet, whey

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