Organic Ancient Grain Pasta (Pasta Vera) – 500 gr


  • Ancient grain pasta
  • Traditional technique
  • Organic
  • 500gr
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About the product

Organic Ancient Grain Pasta – Nazareno Strampelli, a renewed agronomist, dedicated the discovery of the special wheat used to make this pasta to Senator Raffaele Cappelli, a promoter of Italian agricultural reform in the early 1900s. Any hard wheat as this has made the Italian history fighting the hunger in times of war. Promoted and guaranteed by the filiera 100% Italian SIS (Society Italian Seeds).

About the Brand

Pasta Senatore Cappelli can be a preferable food, compared to other pasta, in case of intolerances or allergies. The genetic modification of modern wheat varieties has produced a change in the chemical structure of their proteins and the relationship between these changes and the increase in the onset of intolerances and allergies seems well founded.Senatore Cappelli . Senatore Cappelli durum wheat flour is highly appreciated for the preparation of bread and pasta to which it gives an excellent flavor. Apart from its organoleptic characteristics and its beautiful yellow color, Senatore Cappelli durum wheat flour is appreciated for its high protein value; about 16% on dry matter. The original Senatore Cappelli durum wheat was the last cultivar obtained by crossing other varieties. Afterwards, the geneticists preferred to take the shortcut of irradiation which, by producing genetic mutations, has made it possible to obtain varieties that were previously non-existent. Cappelli wheat in conventional agriculture would not be competitive while it is in organic farming and allows you to make excellent pasta.


Puglia, Basilicata


Organic Ancient Grain Pasta – Italian bran’s hard wheat and water, Italian wheat

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Pasta Vera


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