Linguine pasta – 500 gr


  • Durum wheat semolina pasta
  • PGI – Protected Geographical Indication
  • Linguine
  • 500 gr
  • Origin Naples – Garegnano

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De Rosa linguine pasta is produced following the traditional methods of Gragnano Pasta makers. In the De Rosa laboratory we use only fine Italian semolina and a natural Cyrillic drying. The term pasta (from the late Latin păsta and, in turn, from the Greek πάστη “flour mixed with water and salt”), intended as an abbreviation of the Italian pastasciutta, can also indicate a dish where pasta is the main ingredient accompanied by a sauce, gravy or other condiment of various kinds. The origins of pasta are very ancient. In the latter area in particular, it had a rapid and important gastronomic and traditional development, which will last intact until today. Pasta, in fact, was already widely known at the time of Magna Graecia (Southern Italy) and Etruria (Central-Western Italy), where it was called in other ways.

The latter was known with the Greek term laganon or with the etymology, with a broader Mediterranean root, as much Etruscan as Magna Graecia and Italic, makària or makarṓnia (with the meaning of “blessed food”, offered in funeral ceremonies).

Cooking Time

Linguine pasta cooking time is 10 mins




linguine pasta – Durum wheat semolina, Water

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