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Olive oils may come in a variety of flavours. Infused through a natural process within the production of the olive oil, it is possible to add any desired flavour to the oil. Typical infusions include basil, chili, garlic, lemon, truffle and mushroom.

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Evolving natural olive oil into flavoured olive oil requires a simple process, added to the end of the production procedure. The chosen ingredients are placed into the oil, and left for some time to infuse the oil. The length of time varies depending on the flavour and how subtle the final notes should be.

Many choose to use infused oils to bring added flavours into their cooking without using overpowering ingredients within the dish. Flavours such as blood orange and lemon can be too intense to incorporate fresh slices into the dish but a slight citrus aroma within the oil can be a perfect balance. It may also be used to give added body to the dish through enhancing the flavours already within the dish, such as herb infused oils like garlic and basil.

Olive oils are used throughout cooking; for frying, to bind and mix ingredients, or as a condiment. It is known that extra-virgin olive oils have a higher smoke point, meaning they can stand a higher heat than other types of oils, however, this is not the case with flavoured oils as the flavours are weakened when subject to a high heat for a large amount of time. Due to this, it is recommended that infused oils be used as an extra once the meal is prepared. They are best used on salads and cold dishes or with bread to make the oil the focus and truly taste all of its flavours.

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