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This is considered one of the best olive oil in the world by the german magazine The Feinschmacker

The olive trees: The varieties that form this oil are selected among the most Typical and characteristic for the quality and productivity. The olive fruits: look of different size in relation to type. Picking: The top selection olives are picked by hand from mid October to the end of November when they are green and partially violet.

The crushing : is made at controlled temperature condition (T<27°C) from the olives brought to the mill just after picking.

Chemical physical characteristics: The oil shows very good chemical physical parameters both for the acidity (<0,2% as oleic acid), both for the oxidative parameters (Peroxides values and UV absorption) and biophenols content (naturals. antioxidant) is medium-high.

Organoleptic characteristics : The oil shows a colour yellow with green nuances reach in flavour and taste, fruity green and ripe balanced. Flavour: medium fruity green-ripe.

Taste: sweet almond good body.

Aftertaste: medium bitter and picant.

For cooking: Being very balanced , is very suitable for every preparation of meat and vegetable.





In the heart of Tuscany, Tenuta il Cicalino using a modern, entrepreneurial attitude and by investing in technology and research has made a true cult out of olive trees

The farm has olive groves made up of 27.000 olive trees, 10.000 of which are Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino variety. The other 17.000 olive trees are Arbequina variety, super Intensive olive grove

The farm has olive groves made up of 25000 olive trees, 10000 of which planted relatively recently, ranging from 1 to 5 years. The planting pattern for these new olives is 7 x 7 meters, with the rows mainly facing north-south; this is to optimize the light on the foliage to its utmost.

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Il Cicalino

Brand of Italian olive oil


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