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The Lenta Lavorazione method comes directly from the traditional and artisan way of making pasta. Careful research into the best ingredients, handled with care and without hurrying, respecting their needs and characteristics and following the rhythm of nature.

Thanks to the Lenta Lavorazione method and the care taken by the pasta makers, Rummo pasta is now certified for holding its shape when cooked and for the quality of the flours used. How was that possible? Thanks to an instrument called a dynamometer (a modern version of the illustration alongside the text) which replicates the action of our teeth to establish exactly how al dente our pasta is. Furthermore, each type of pasta is monitored and subject to tests and samples by two chefs to ensure it meets the certified characteristics.



It was 1846 when the horses Bruto, Baiardo and Bello began exploring the land in Sannio, looking for the best durum wheat. Each journey began and ended in Benevento, on the historical San Cosimo bridge which allowed the road via Appia to cross the river Sabato and reach our ancient mill. The water from the river turned the mill wheels and Antonio Rummo began to make its own pasta in via Dei Mulini (Mill Street), making good use of the earth’s natural gifts with talent and passion. In times gone by, Benevento was a strategic site for the ancient craft of the miller. Merchants of the time, who sent their grain from “Capitanata” (today the province of Foggia) to Naples via Benevento took advantage of this to transform it into flour of the highest quality. Today, after over 160 years, the ancient Rummo pasta factory of Via dei Mulini has become part of the old town of the city of Benevento and testimony of an ancient tradition. It’s thanks to this upheld tradition and the experience of six generations of master pasta-makers that Rummo Lenta Lavorazione® was born.





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wheat, water


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