Out of 300 pasta shapes to choose from, Italians almost always choose 10 types in particular. This was revealed by an elaboration of the Italian Food Union, according to which the top 10 of pasta represents 60% of the 1.4 tons we consume every year.

And one in five dishes is always based on the most iconic format: spaghetti. Among the most popular types of pasta follow penne rigate and fusilli. The wooden medal goes to the rigatoni and the ranking also includes farfalle, linguine, bucatini and lasagna.

In Southern Italy ziti and ditalini, orecchiette and mixed pasta also triumph, almost impossible to find in the North. Also in general, in Italy short pasta is preferred to long pasta and striped pasta to plain pasta. Those who love to cook, however, know: the choice of format should take into account the seasoning for a perfect match. Yet it seems like they do not take this variable into consideration when extracting the chosen package from the pantry. Hence the initiative of the Italian pasta makers of Unione Italiana Food.

A cycle of virtual meetings on WeLovePasta social channels has been created to learn how to make the most of all forms of this food and rediscover its versatility, since many bring it to the table at least 5 days a week, even twice a day. Among the contents, which range from talks to practical advice, but also history, taste tests, interviews with industry experts, also the advice of Cristina Bowerman, star chef and president of the Ambassadors of Taste association.

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