Triangular Spaghetti – 500 gr


  • Triangular spaghetti
  • Molise origin
  • 500 gr

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triangular spaghetti – Pasta lovers increasingly appreciate brands that focus on the Italian character and traceability of the supply chain, on alternative and healthy recipes, on the differentiation of the offer and the search for innovative forms and raw materials. From Spaghetto Quadrato onwards, our mission is to revitalize the shelf with new ideas that make a classic product, such as pasta, always young and trendy. An increasingly 100% Italian pasta, from the raw material coming from the central-southern regions, to the design of the shapes and the package resulting from an all-Italian taste that has no competitors in the world. Thus was born Trighetto, the triangular spaghetti.

Trighetto is unique in the premium segment of industrial pasta, the shape is captivating and original, it breaks the routine of classic spaghetti and with the rough surface of the bronze drawing it captures the sauces and binds perfectly to the sauce. Only Italian wheat, Matese water and a lot of creativity, the same that turns into dishes never seen before in the kitchen. This is not simply a pasta, but it is the story of a family that for 4 generations and more than a century, selects and grinds only the finest grains and of a land that for its objective and unrepeatable characteristics is the ideal place to give to light an exquisite and unique pasta.



Cooking time

triangular spaghetti cooking time is 11 minutes


triangular spaghetti – Italian bran’s hard wheat and water, Italian wheat

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