Gluten Free Pasta and Sauce Hamper


  • 400 gr Penne Gluten Free Rummo
  • 400 gr Fusilli Gluten Free Rummo
  • 2x 250 gr Tomato passata Mutti
  • Dried Italian seasoning 100 gr
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Italian high quality glutent free fusilli pasta and sauce hamper: 400 gr Penne Gluten Free Rummo, 400 gr Fusilli Gluten Free Rummo, 2x 250 gr tomato passata Mutti, dried Italian seasoning 100 gr. This Gluten Free Pasta and Sauce is perfect as a Christmas gift!


We are committed to creating the best possible tomato products for our customers. Our headquarters are located in Parma, Italy, where our company was founded 120 years ago. In the future, we will keep on sharing our love for tomato flavours, innovation, and sustainability with millions of new fans.


The relentless search for the best raw materials in a natural environment that it changes constantly. Unlike the our standards, which never falter. The slow and delicate mixing phase between semolina and water, in a union by the miraculous elasticity. Extrusion with special bronze dies which give the pasta a consistency unique and a rough pastry, capable of transform dishes from “good” to “delicious”. The masterful drying of pasta, according to the times and temperatures of each formed, to eliminate water and preserve the scent of ripe wheat. Cooking and tasting by two chef to measure the toughness of the pasta, with an instrument that plays the chewing, the Dynamometer. A thorough transport process e packaging designed to preserve the integrity of every single piece of pasta. The external certification that attests how our pasta respects the objectives stated in terms of quality and performance.


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