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In Italy there are many Pasta Sauces, and generally, every region has its own typical sauce. However, there are many different ways to make just one sauce. For example, it is possible to make a pesto sauce with or without garlic, almonds, tomatoes or ricotta cheese and nuts.

The most widely known and used sauces are Pesto, Bolognese (pronounced ‘boh-loh-neh-seh’), Arrabbiata, Tomato Sauce, Amatriciana, and Carbonara.


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Each region, in Italy, has its symbol sauce recipe and its own preferred pasta shape.

The basic types of pasta sauces are pesto, ragu, meat based, tomato based, cheese or cream based. Different ingredients may be used to create each type of sauce. This allows each region, each family, and each cook to place their own spin on a sauce while still keeping its basic taste and texture. The type of the pasta sauce should be decided by the shape of pasta that will accompany it. It is from there that the chef can become imaginative.

Every pasta sauce gives a different taste to the dishes, delighting the palette with distinctive flavours. The most common ingredients used in Italian pasta sauces are tomato, parmesan, ricotta, olives, capers, mushrooms, seafood, beef, basil, garlic, and parsley.

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Classic Italian Lasagna

Classic Italian Lasagna

Classic Italian Lasagna made from scratch, bubbling with cheeses, and oozing Bolognese sauce, is easier than you think to make and it is absolutely delicious. The best Classic Italian Lasagna recipe is made with home-made ingredients, including the eggs pasta, meat...



Polpette (meatballs) in Italy are generally eaten as a main course or in a soup. The main ingredients of an Italian meatball are beef and/or pork and sometimes poultry, salt, black pepper, chopped garlic, olive oil, Romano cheese, eggs, breadcrumbs, and parsley, mixed...