“Oil fragrance” – Tuscan olive oil – 200ml


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  • 100% Extra virgin olive oil
  • Glass bottle
  • 200ml

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Oil fragrance: Tuscan extra virgin olive oil enclosed in a refined box, in the royal square bottle, it might seem like a meditation liqueur, an essence, an elixir, however something rare, exclusive, perhaps a perfume. It is called “Profumo d’Oliva” and is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superlative quality, conceived, wanted, edited and signed by Piero Gonnelli.

About the Brand

The story of the Gonnelli family dates back to 1585 when on the 13th of February the brothers Francesco, Lorenzo and Giulio, the sons of Taddeo di Michele di Lorenzo, bought for 300 coins from the Friars of the “Convento del Carmine di Firenze” the farm of Santa Téa, as proven in the sales document held at the Public Notary Records office in Florence. At that time the related oil mill, built in 1426, was known and appreciated for its special oil, the result of olives made noble by the particular micro-climate of the sun-baked upland plain of Reggello, 400 meters above sea level, which is 30 minutes from Florence in a southerly direction. Since then the Gonnelli family, brothers, children and grandchildren, raised in the shadow of the Frantoio di Santa Téa, monument of hard work of yesterday and today, handed down a true art, with all the knowledge, wisdom and expertise in the cultivation of olives and their pressing. The artisan arts of olive growers, developed at the time of the medieval guilds, still preserve the techniques and secrets of the task of producing the finest oil. An art that derives from the best tradition of the oil mill, preciously preserved in the museum and from the ongoing experimentation in innovation research, both in relation to production and cultivation.




100% tuscan green olives

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Brand of Italian olive oil


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