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The Caffe’ Milani Italian Nespresso coffee capsules are specifically designed in such a way that these extraordinary coffees can fully express their qualities. In a capsule, we have managed to incorporate the basic rules to obtain an excellent espresso: the ideal grinding, perfect quality, the right compactness together with the guarantee of a constantly fresh product.

The Gran Milani blend is characterized by an excellent full body and has a distinct character and an enveloping aroma. The Nespresso brand is not owned by Milani S.p.A., nor by companies affiliated to it.

About the Brand

From a small shop, which emanated magical aromas in the streets of the historic center of Como, to a modern factory, where past and future merge and integrate to obtain the finest quality products. Caffè Milani was born in 1937, thanks to the passion of the current owner’s father, which has 80 years of activity and experience on importing and roasting coffee.

The careful selection of the most prestige varieties, imported directly from places of origin, the skillful roasting and blending procedures, the constant control of every stage of production, grant our Italian nespresso coffee capsules an unsurpassed aroma and body, particular characteristics of the real Italian Espresso.

The History

In the historic centre of Como, it was impossible to resist the charming aroma of coffee coming from that door. It was 1937, and the door was that of the Celestino Milani’s workshop, where there was a small coffee bar with a discontinuous roaster, producing high-quality coffee. Not far from picturesque Lake Como, the Milani coffee bar attracted local residents, who soon began to go there on a daily basis for a pleasant break, but it also became a popular destination for tourists passing by, seeking a good Italian-style coffee. Its coffee soon became a landmark throughout the city and beyond. The reasons for this well-deserved success? Simply Celestino’s endless passion. This passion is expressed through the accurate selection of the finest varieties of coffee, imported directly from its place of origin, paying meticulous attention to roasting and, of course, to skilful blending. Milani therefore became a true “Master Roaster“, one of the most attentive and skilled of his time. This endless passion inevitably involved even the youngest son, Pierluigi. Celestino taught him the secrets of roasting and the recipes of the blends: a precious treasure that he has jealously kept to this day. In the following years, Pierluigi Milani continued to instill in the company situated in Lipomo the extreme attention to the production process that his father had taught him




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