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Althea Tomato Sauce with basil is a classic for a great pasta dish. The famous Italian brand Althea sauce is excellent for seasoning long and short pasta for a quick, easy and tasty dinner. We recommend Tagliatelle all’uovo or Pappardelle all’uovo, but also spaghetti, mezze penne, fusilli pasta for the perfect dish. You will find one  120gs jar for one portion, so you will not waste even one drop even if you cook only for one person.

About the Brand

At Althea we make sauces. We are not the only ones, but we make our sauces with love. Why is love what drives us? Becase when the love is true, everything is possible. It is not only passion, not infatuation nor wishful thinking, it is love. I always love the ingredient that will feel immediately, whenever will taste one of our sauces. It is the love of those select raw materials, strictly Italian. It is the love of those who create our recipes. Iis the love of those who, like you, choose to try. Because to let go of real love, you have to know how to choose. Choose an Italian story since 1932, who creats almost one hundred million jars of sauces year, choose who cooks them in the two temples of Italian gastronomy: Parma and Napoli. Choose, in short, those who are faithful in taste and good sauce.




Chopped Tomatoes 82%, Tomato Concentrate, Onions 3%, Basil 1,5%, Olive Oil, Sugar.  polpa di pomodoro (82%), concentrato di pomodoro, olio di oliva, cipolle fresche, basilico (1,5%), sale, zucchero, olio extravergine di oliva, aroma naturale di basilico.

Cooking Instructions

Heat the sauce on medium temperature or in the microwave (after having removed the cap). Add to pasta, then sauté in a small pan. Add some grated parmesan before serving!

For more information about Althea and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!



Brand of Italian sauces

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