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The 100% Italian Rusellae Extra Virgin Olive Oil box contains one bottle of 200 ml.

The extra virgin olive oil “Rusellae” has a very low acidity oil created with the best Tuscan raw materials, respecting the environment and the final consumer.

It’s great for pinzimoni, soups and for exalt all kinds of meat.

This product is characterized by a green color with golden reflections, the smell is fresh, with scents of artichoke, herbs and olive leaf and the taste is bitter, aromatic and spicy.



Podere Crispino is a Tuscan company specialized in the production of extra virgin biological olive oil.

The olive cultivation process is aimed at the sustainability of the environment, without affecting the natural balance between soil and plants.

The company, from generation to generation, follows the tradition for the exaltation and valorisation of the best raw materials, and also gains recognition from the Certified Entities (IGP, BIO) for the product Extravirgin Rusellae Oil.


This product is ideal for creating corporate gifts. The minimum order is 100 pieces, available in 10 working days. The product can be customized. Ask for a quotation.





Podere Crispino


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