paccheriPaccheri is a type of pasta with a cylindrical shape and large dimensions, Neapolitan paccheri perfectly absorb condiments and blend with any ingredient thanks to their porosity. Their convexity and their rough surface retain the sauces and guarantee an incomparable taste to the taste.


Paccheri Pasta Origins and History

The name “paccheri“, in the Italian tradition, recalls the “pacca”, a friendly slap given with an open hand to greet or congratulate someone. The term derives from the Greek, “pas” which means everything and “keir” which means hand, therefore literally “the whole hand”, “a full hand”.

In the Neapolitan culinary tradition, Neapolitan paccheri have very rooted origins. It was once the “pasta of the poor” because they are large and just a few of them were enough to fill the plate. A nice curiosity concerns the origin of the name. In dialect “pacchero” means “slap” and therefore they are also called Schiaffoni. In addition, with this pasta shape, the combination with a good liquid sauce means that when poured into dishes they emit a particular sound that resembles a slap.



Paccheri Pasta and Tomato Sauce Combo

Recall that the tomato arrived from America only in the seventeenth century and when it landed in Naples it was a real revolution in the kitchen. The tomato turned out to be an ingredient that totally changed the old habits of seasoning pasta that was previously paired with vegetables or sweet and sour sauces. The tomato brought a new taste to the table and turned out to be a condiment capable of enhancing the flavor of the durum wheat semolina and consequently the fragrance at each bite.


Paccheri Pasta Recipe

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