Paccheri (Pasta Vera) – 500 gr


  • Only Italian Wheat
  • Traditional technique
  • 500gr
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Pasta Vera Paccheri Rigavera pasta is made in small batches. Taste the difference! The pasta is handmade and air dried slowly which helps the pasta retain it’s fresh taste and aroma. A special Bronze Extrusion process is used that gives the pasta a rougher surface texture. This allows the sauce to really attach to the pasta, making every bite a flavorful experience. Gone are the days of slippery pasta floating around in sauce. The wheat is grown in Puglia, Italy in a Certified USDA Organic farm, and our pasta is All-Natural, Vegan, and Kosher. Try Pasta Vera with your next dinner and enjoy the authentic taste of pasta the way it’s enjoyed in Italy!

Fresh Italian pasta is more absorbent than American pasta, so double the water should be used when cooking.

About the Brand

Pasta Vera was born from agricultural experience. Italian durum wheat is produced on the farms owned by the Group, using new technologies, but at the same time safe and respectful of the environment. Non-GMO seeds of 100% Italian origin are used. The guarantee of origin and quality of the raw material and the production methods allow to keep intact not only the organoleptic properties, but also the nutritional ones of Pasta Vera. The result is a pasta that fits into a high quality market segment. Pasta Vera is presented to the public in an elegant and innovative black case that highlights the golden color deriving from our wheat from Southern Italy. As always, Pasta Vera, respectful of the environment, throughout its production cycle, uses only food paper for its packaging, coming from recycled and in turn recyclable paper. The strong and innovative logo represents the face of the founder, giving the idea that behind the product there is always someone who guarantees the quality and origin. In this regard, we invite you to visit the “Blog” section and all our social networks, to have a “live” experience with Pasta Vera. 


Puglia, Basilicata


Italian Wheat Pasta – Italian bran’s hard wheat and water, Italian wheat

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Pasta Vera


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