So what does EVO mean? The term EVO, referring to olive oil, is the abbreviation for extra virgin olive oil. This type of oil is obtained, as required by a specific regulation, it’s obtained through mechanical cold extraction or cold pressing. Both are operations that take place at a controlled temperature (maximum 27 degrees). Among the requirements that the oil must have to be placed on the market as extra virgin we find acidity not exceeding 0.8% and an organoleptic score equal to or higher than 6.5.

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In Italy, in 2009, the extra virgin olive oil identity card (CDI OEVO) was created, which contains all the information on the product and accompanies it throughout the production chain, from origin to the retailer’s shelf. To understand if the EVO oil that is purchased complies with the one originally produced, the experts can subject it to a visual test, comparing the data shown on the CDI with those relating to the lot indicated on the package that the CDI OEVO System Manager keeps. in a database – available online -, and the calorimetric thermogram: this test can be carried out on a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, comparing the results with the sample data stored in the database and with those indicated on the CDI.

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