super brain food grana padano

Brain Superfoods are super important to keep ones longevity. In Italy there are 14 million persons over 65 and half of these, having exceeded the age of 75, are even more at risk of neurodegenerative diseases, cognitive impairment and virus infections, as demonstrated by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

To investigate this particular condition, researchers from the Brain and Malnutrition Association, in collaboration with the Grana Padano Scientific Observatory (OGP), investigated the habits and lifestyle of a group of elderly people, verifying their nutritional level and in particular the contribution of vitamin D, for the role that this substance plays in many functions of the organism. More precisely, the serum (blood) levels of vitamin D in 500 patients with an average age of 70 years (68% male and 32% female), coming from different regions of Italy and suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, were compared with the levels of vitamin D in a control group chosen from the chaperones.

The anthropometric data (weight, height, body mass index) and the different dietary habits (daily intake of calories, macronutrients, micronutrients and quantity of liquids in the diet) were also examined. Each patient was also asked the time spent in a week outdoors, with direct exposure to sunlight, this being the best way to produce vitamin D.

At the end of the study, 66% of patients had a significant vitamin D deficiency, with severe impairment of global cognitive functions.

It came down to these habits and brain superfoods: take a walk in the sun every day when possible so that vitamin D is activated, by exposing yourself to direct sunlight, not filtered by glass, with as much body surface as possible.

Consume two servings of dairy products a day (milk, or yogurt) and add a tablespoon of grated cheese to pasta dishes or cooked vegetables. Preferably consume aged cheese like Grana Padano, also in place of the second dish. Eat at least 3 portions of fish every week, varying the quality, fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, anchovies, tuna, trout, eel, are richer in vitamin D. Consume two or three eggs a week, hard-boiled or cooked in a pan. To improve the absorption of vitamin D, being fat-soluble, it is good to season dishes with a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil, or use raw butter in moderation.



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