With great pleasure we welcome the news of the registration of the Roman Olive Oil IGP trademark by Europe.

This certifies the recognition of a denomination that is the emblem of the historicity of a territory and of the agricultural wisdom of Roman olive growers. Thus, in a note, Senator Francesco Battistoni, undersecretary for agricultural, food and forestry policies (Mipaaf). “The Mipaaf, pending the definitive European go-ahead, had already granted the provisional name, and today, this path becomes reality. Italian extra virgin olive oil is a product of excellence and enriches the value of made in Italy.

We must continue to support the olive production chain, especially in this delicate historical moment, protecting and promoting our oil, an ambassador of Italianness in the world ”, added Battistoni.

roman oil igp


History on Olive Oil and Rome

Olive oil was an indispensable product in the daily life of the ancient Romans, who not only used it as a condiment in the kitchen, but also as a fuel for lighting and as an ointment in the spa. It is therefore not strange that, over the centuries, a whole series of infrastructures for its production, marketing and transport had developed around this product.

The production of oil had been handed down by the Phoenicians and the Greeks, but the Romans should be credited with having transformed it into a substance commonly used by all social classes.

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