Italian Extra Olive Oil Unfiltered Costa D’Oro – 750 ml


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IL GREZZO is an extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian, unfiltered, with an intense flavour and a fruity taste.
It retains the flavour of freshly pressed olives, to bring to the table the tradition of the farmers and their oil mills.
A tie to the past that becomes innovation with modern cold extraction techniques.
IL GREZZO contains the typical olive polyphenols that have an antioxidant function, helping to protect blood lipids from free radicals. The positive effect is obtained with a daily intake of 20g of olive oil, equal to 22ml, approximately a spoon and a half.
IL GREZZO is rich in vitamin E which helps protect cells from oxidative stress




There is a special place, on a hill of golden olive groves: it is Costa d’Oro, where nature blends with our passion for taste and well-being to give life to our oils. Costa d’Oro, in the dialect of the Umbria region, means Golden Hill, a magical place, somewhere mystical, in full contact with nature that inspires our passion for what we do best: our oils.
In 1968 our adventure began, which, over time, has brought us to where we are today: to be an oil company that consists of quality, innovation and a quest for the best in flavor and health as its core values.
The story of Costa d’Oro has its origin as a small family business, where two families combined their passion and dedication, which continued until the ’90s, when the Costa d’Oro became a public limited company.
Over the years, the international spirit of Costa d’Oro has become increasingly important, so much so that today, Costa d’Oro oils are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide.ats.

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Costa D'Oro

Brand of Italian olive oil


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