Have you ever wondered how much a form of Grana Padano cheese weighs? Or how much milk does it take to make it? Or, again: what size is it? Today we try to answer all these curiosities.


grana padano


Grana Padano Production Process

1,000 liters of raw milk are first partially skimmed by surfacing and then brought to 53 °-56 ° C in a process that sees the addition of rennet and, after various processing stages, allows to obtain two forms called “twin” obtained in the same boiler from the 1,000 liters of initial milk. After a variable seasoning, from a minimum of 9 months to over 20 for the “Riservacheese type, we can finally answer the initial question: how much does a wheel of Grana Padano weigh?

The answer is: on average 37-39 kg. Its average diameter is between 43-45 cm and an average side (that is the thickness of a cheese wheel) between 22-24 cm.

On average, every kilo of Grana Padano we bring to the table is the result of the transformation of 15 liters of milk. So from every liter of milk about 60 g of Grana Padano are produced. If we consider that 4,932,996 wheels were produced in 2018 (of which 1,938,328 were exported abroad), it can be estimated that every year almost 2.5 million tons of milk become Grana Padano, thanks to 128 dairies and over 40,000 employees!

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