The International Alba Truffle Fair in Turin, which this year celebrates the 90th edition, will take place. The final confirmation was given by the president of the Fair, Liliana Allena.

This location will characterize the new, more digital soul of the show that will be open to the public, “in full compliance with all safety standards and according to the protocols that will be communicated to us”, explained Allena.  “The International Alba Truffle Fair will take place, indeed it will be extended by a week. There will be food and wine events, culture, folklore, great chefs and artists, in a fair that will have ‘The World’ theme and that will deepen topics of global interest such as sustainability and solidarity “.

Gubbio: a spasso alla Mostra del tartufo | Immagini dagli sp… | Flickr Image: Flickr

The castle of Roddi will be the most modern heart of the International Alba Truffle Fair, “a physical place and hi-tech showcase Piedmont’s excellence from which people who won’t be able to be there physically will be able to communicate thanks to the partnership with Microsoft Italy and to the collaboration platform Cloud Teams.” added Liliana Allena.

Late spring/early summer is very rainy in Piedmont and those are the ideal premises for the next season of truffles collection which, in compliance with regional law, will be opened 10th October to 8th December. The World Truffle Auction has also been confirmed.


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