In Italy the proposal that the Consortium formulated to the Ministry of Ecological Transition regarding the Category Rule (RCP) was officially accepted and published in June.

This made possible to start an important study and improvement work on the environmental footprint of the sector. All of this was at obtaining the applicability of the Made Green in Italy brand for Balsamic producers.

About Made Green in Italy Certification

To be certified Made Green in Italy, a product must have environmental performance equal to or higher than the reference benchmarks, which are established on the basis of an assessment carried out following the Pef methodology.

Up to now for the vinegars sector there were no community references, so the new RCPs become the general reference of each company in order to improve the environmental footprint of its own. agency.


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A brand, that of Made Green in Italy, associates an ecological message with the strength of “Made in Italy”, with the introduction of two important concepts: the introduction in the certified company of an environmental monitoring system on the life, and the idea of ​​competition on environmental performance. The next step in the Consortium’s agenda is the launch of an information and awareness campaign for the adoption of procedures capable of supporting its members in the operational phases of analysis, assessment and certification of environmental standards.

The adoption of the Made Green in Italy brand represents one of the many ways of introducing, even in the agri-food sector, the concept of environmental sustainability and protection of the territory, capable of affecting both operations and the sensitivity and culture of companies. It is an important contribution that the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI sector has decided to support and promote in this delicate moment of relaunching the national economy.






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