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Many seasonings exist and today we are going to talk about the spice mix ones, these are usually made of dried herbs and spices, sometimes even powder vegetables like garlic. The most used in Italian recipes and produced in Italy are: Star anise, Basil, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cumin, Cloves, Coriander, Trigonella, Juniper, Licorice, Nutmeg, Paprika, Ppepper, Chili pepper, Fennel seeds, Poppy seeds, Mustard, Sesame, Vanilla, Saffron, Ginger, Garlic, Parsley. They are used as an amazing way to add flavor to dishes and foods.

Seasoning recipes


Pasta is a classic Italian dish that is loved and eaten all over the world. These spices are helpful with it too, in fact when you’re finished cooking pasta you might think about adding some spice mix to the sauce on top as a quick and easy way to spice up your dish. It’ll make your dish even more tasteful.


Eggs can be cooked with it. Before cooking them, smash them in a glass, mix them up and put some seasoning in it. Then put everything in a hot pan, then let them cook, either scrambled or just leave it in the pan so it gets a circular shape. Another way to use seasonings with eggs is to put them on top once the eggs are already been cooked.

Meat and Fish

Meat and Fish are a great pairing with spice mixes. You can add these spices before putting them in the oven so during the cooking they absorb all the different flavours or  half way through the cooking phase, and lastly as a finishing touch when everything is already cooked and ready to be served.


These spices can also be added to vegetables like potatoes and carrots when putting them in the oven to cook. It will also them to absorb the different flavors and enrich their own.

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