Have you ever wondered how to store cured meats like prosciutto? Well, the best way to savor the aromas and fragrance of prosciutto is to eat them as soon as they are sliced. However, a good conservation can prolong the experience of a great Prosciutto di Parma or San Daniele.

The easiest way is to slices in the fridge, in their package, for a maximum of two to three days: in this way, they maintain the characteristic perfume and the right humidity.

Hermetically sealed glass trays are also an excellent solution. Another option to store cured meats it would be to place it in an airtight container. Place the container in the highest part of the refrigerator, the coolest one and pay attention to the change of the prosciutto’s color because it is the most evident sign of the loss of freshness of the salami.



How to store the whole purchased prosciutto?

You should keep them hanging in a cellar or in a part of the house that remains fresh, leaving the final part cut wrapped in a small gauze, without resting on any surface, to avoid the formation of mold or stains of humidity. Every time you slice them, take care to remove the first slice, easily oxidized, and then cover the surface with a new gauze or with a cotton napkin, tied with a thread of food string. Hang them upside down and repeat this procedure until you have finished the salami.



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