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PDO Prosciutto Parma – This is an excellent product of Parma territory, to make it, heavy Italian pig thighs are used, salted by hand (damp salt on the rind and dry salt on the lean part). For three weeks the hams absorb the salt in a cell that is humid (80%) and cold (from +1 to +4 degrees), after which they are left to rest, drying slowly, for three months. They are then washed, and curing begins. It is now up to the sea air, which, before reaching the plains, has taken up the balms of the Apennine woodlands. Weather permitting, the windows are opened, and this is the procedure for the next nine months. Then the hams are taken down to the cellar: after 12 months, the consortium will affix the ducal crown attesting to their quality. This is not enough for us: our ham will be kept in place for 18-20 months, when its sweetness – intense, profound, modulated, but never sugary – will be fully appreciated.

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Sagem – the production is special from the origin. the meat have different qualities, due to the type of breeding outdoors and the ancient handmade, with only salt and long seasoning. black pigs of ancient breeds almost completely disappeared are free to graze in the woods free under sun, wind, rain. free to express their instinct. free to feed on fresh grass, cereals, berries and candies.



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PDO Prosciutto Parma – Pork, salt, natural flavours and spices.




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