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Prosciutto Cotto – Cooked hams from Fratelli Riva are prepared following the ancient and secret Italian recipes: taste and smell are obtained by infusion of  herbs and spieces, as in the past.

We choose simple ingredients one by one, we care about every working process and we cook hams in steam oven in order to obtain very tasty products

Cooked ham is defined only as a salami derived from the anatomical cut of reference, which is in fact called “ham”. A similar salami, obtained from the pork shoulder (less valuable, but similar in terms of nutrition) is called cooked shoulder. 

 About the Brand

After spending several years working as employees, shop assistant and delicatessen workers, Fratelli Riva decided to start their own business and produce meat and sausages for the mother Maddalena’s shop.

The work increased and Fratelli Riva inaugurated in 1969, in Via Mazzini, the slaughterhouse full cycle, able to work 150 pigs per week: At that time the meat processing activity covered all the steps, from the slaughtering to the production of a wide range of goods: coppa, pancetta, salami, bresaola, prosciutto cotto…




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No cooking, just tasting 🙂


Prosciutto Cotto- Pork, salt, natural flavours and spices Preservative: E 252, E250.


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