The cured meats are an excellence of the Italian food. Emilia-Romagna offers many types and the choice, also depends on the area.

You can find salama da sugo in Ferrara which is produced with a mixture of the tongue, head, liver, pulp and neck muscles of the pig, and soaked in wine reinforced with marsala brandy or rum, is traditionally eaten in the Christmas season, after it has matured for a year, served with mashed potatoes of potatoes. Then you can find Salame felino which is the classic example where mold is synonymous of quality: in fact it indicates that it is the right time (3 months of seasoning) to bring it to the table accompanied by curls of butter or make beautiful figure in a picnic.

Then there’s also coppa piacentina which is the most famous sausage in the Piacenza area. It is made with the upper muscular part of the pig’s neck, or the cervical muscles, perfectly boned. Dry salted, spices and natural flavors and stuffed in natural casing, after 6 months of seasoning it gives the best sliced ​​and accompanied by fresh bread.

Last but not least, Mortadella. Today it is certainly a little different but its soul, made of the less valuable parts of the pig, minced and enriched with salt, pepper, pistachios and lard, has remained. To give an idea of ​​the mortadella market, we declare that 18 million quintals are produced per year. Eat these cured meats accompanied by slices of bread or cheese, but also fried dumplings or tigelle and piadina. However, a good glass of Lambrusco or Sangiovese is never missing either!


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