Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella – 125 gr


  • Soft, slightly elastic texture
  • smooth and shiny surface appearance, with very thin crust
  • Spheroidal shape
  • Drained net weight g 125

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Fresh wood-smoked buffalo mozzarella has a dark brownish color and the same texture as non-smoked mozzarella. The smoking gives this product a strong and round flavor, almost spicy, extraordinarily fresh, deliciously soft and creamy. A real surprise, in particular for the strong flavor of the smoking which is combined with the more delicate one of 100% Italian buffalo milk. Rich in calcium and protein, it maintains the same nutritional characteristics of our Buffalo Mozzarella, without preservatives and without added additives or GMOs.

About the Brand

The Consortium’s purpose is the protection of the production and commercialisation of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, the defence of the denomination in Italy and abroad, the encouragement of continuous improvement in the Mozzarella’s production methods and the consequent qualitative improvement of its production. It also aims to constantly check on production and commercialisation and, in particular, on the correct usage of the Denomination of Origin.


Naples – Campania


Bufala milk, salt, rennet, whey

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Brand of Italian mozzarella cheese

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