Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella – 125 gr


  • Soft, slightly elastic texture
  • smooth and shiny surface appearance, with very thin crust
  • Spheroidal shape
  • Drained net weight g 125

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Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella – Fresh wood-smoked buffalo mozzarella has a dark brownish color and the same texture as non-smoked mozzarella. The smoking gives this product a strong and round flavor, almost spicy, extraordinarily fresh, deliciously soft and creamy. A real surprise, in particular for the strong flavor of the smoking which is combined with the more delicate one of 100% Italian buffalo milk. Rich in calcium and protein, it maintains the same nutritional characteristics of our Buffalo Mozzarella, without preservatives and without added additives or GMOs.

About the Brand

In the early years of business, the company organized the distribution of its products in the local markets of Campania and Lazio; after a few years, commercial relations began with the main Italian GDO brands, both with their own brands and with private labels. Today the consolidated business experience blends with the desire for innovation for a strategic vision that is adequate and consistent with the new habits of modern consumers, who are increasingly attentive to the quality and healthiness of food products. The company processes, well structured and monitored, through clear and precise procedures regulate the functioning of all company activities, from production to quality, from sales to logistics, from purchases to finance; focusing more on the search for new solutions for maximum efficiency of the company in order to accelerate the internationalization process. All this was possible thanks to a “team” of human resources with proven experience and high professionalism in every sector (from commercial to production, from administration and finance to quality control) able to deal effectively and enthusiastically with “the new challenges “of the global mark


Naples – Campania


Bufala milk, salt, rennet, whey

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Brand of Italian mozzarella cheese


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