Piadapizza – pizza base flatbread


  • Ideal piadina to use as an excellence pizza base
  • 1 Pack – 3 piadapizza each
  • 28 cm – 11 inch diameter
  • 100% Italian flour (coming from Romagna region)
  • No hydrogenated fats & No preservatives

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Thanks to its particular blend, it’s an ideal piadina to use as an excellence pizza base. The traditional piadina combined with your ideal pizza, creates the perfect balance: the Piadapizza! Fill it and taste it with your favorite topping!

About the Brand

Loriana is the number one Italian Piadina Flatbread manufacturer in Italy. Loriana is the premium brand leader in quality, innovation and the category growth. Loriana is not a simply a Piadina. Loriana is THE PIADINA, created in Forlì in 1973. The original and traditional recipe, prepared with the finest ingredients, passion and love, that makes its taste unique. Today Loriana has 14 different types of Piadina within its range divided into classic (with lard or extra virgin olive oil), healthy and special. For this Loriana is the Piadina specialist. The first Piadina di Loriana was born years ago Loriana loved being in the kitchen. The cutting board had always been her favorite game ever since, as a child, she had seen water and flour meet and create wonderful things, grandmother’s Piadine (… which, like her, was called Loriana). Those that were kneaded only by hand, which first made the ball and then rolled out with a rolling pin. Those that had the pan on purpose to cook them, the traditional text, and the flame went low and you had to look at them and turn them when the brown spots appeared. Those that when you brought them to the table immediately came the joy, which were good in every way.




Type “0” (all-purpose) soft wheat flour, Water, Lard, Salt, Extra virgin olive oil, Leavening agents, Flavorings, Emulsifying agent, Corrector of acidity

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