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Fontina’s birthplace is the Valle d’Aosta, in the Alps, where it has been made with Italian cow’s milk cheese, since  the 12th century. Although it is made throughout the year, the best cheese is obtained during the summer when the cows are moved to an altitude of 550 to 700 metres (1,800 to 2,300 feet) and fed only with rich grass to give it a distinctive aroma. Fontina has PDO (protected designation of origin) status under European law.

About the Brand

The name Fontina seems to come from a pasture called Fontin where this cheese was made. Other sources link it to the village of Fontinaz. The name could also come from the old French term “fontis” or “fondis” which used to indicate the particular capacity of its texture to melt with heat. In the Sixties, Italian agriculture and the zootechnical-and-dairy sector undergo a revolution. The milk-and-dairy industry demands new production and sales techniques. The local cattle breeds are eliminated. The local productions, though, are not only preserved but increase their success more and more, thanks to a continuous search for quality and the marks awarding their authentic and traditional provenance.


 Valle d’Aosta


Milk, salt, rennet

For more information about Fontina and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!



Fontina DOP

Brand of Italian cheese

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