Mini Crostata Cake – 13 slices


  • 13 Slices Crostata Cake
  • Single wrapped portion 60gr
  • Box of 1 kg
  • Apricot Marmelade
  • Perfect for breakfast or snack
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Box of Mini Crostata Cake – Delicious Cuor di Tart produced 100% with selected and quality ingredients. With delicious filling. Palm oil free.These pastries have a crumbly sweet crust. Inside a tender heart, of apricot marmelade. They are sold in 1Kg package, a special sweet to pair with dark coffee, tea or dessert wine. Perfect as a breakfast or snack.


About the Brand

A lot of work and things are going well. Time passes. The children of the house study, Carlandrea also has an artistic streak, he attends the Misticoni high school, is passionate about music and plays the guitar with his “ensemble” La Nuova Season. But, pop aside, economic independence and the desire to build something are “trademarks” for the Falcone. So in the seventies the “musician” and the eldest son Franco opened a bar-ice cream shop in Montesilvano, in Viale Europa. A springboard. And what a launch. Yes, because after that “parenthesis” as the youngest defines it, with the blossoming of the Eighties here comes the opening of the Falcone supermarket chain, which many remember in Montesilvano and Pescara: a dozen points of sale plus two distribution centers fresh and dry products, 300 employees. We were the first in the path of recognition of the Abruzzo cantuccio, much better known were the Tuscan cantucci, a dubious paternity. However ours is more crumbly and with the hazelnut, almond, chocolate, walnut, ginger characterizations, we have rejuvenated the corner even in the average age of the consumer. Classic Amaretti Pastries are part of the Italian confectionery tradition, produced with selected and quality ingredients, enriched with natural aromas. Free from palm oil, hydrogenated fats and preservatives.



100% with selected and quality ingredients

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Weight1.2 kg
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1000 gr


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100 more or less




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