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Expression of an ancient knowledge kept between the lines of the original recipe from panettone Tre Marie but without candies. The low shape of the authentic Milanese tradition is its distinctive feature.
The mixture embellished by the abundance of delicious candied Sicilian orange, soft sultanas, and fine diamond cedar cubes, for a full and rich taste.
Taste and history intertwine. The package is decorated with a branch of mistletoe and the elegance of the Galleria, a symbolic place of Milan at Christmas, near which

Panettone Ingredients: wheat flour – raisins 19% – butter – fresh egg yolk – natural yeast (wheat) – sugar – fresh pasteurized milk 4% – inverted sugar – emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids – salt – flavorings.


Tre Marie is considered a benchmark in the premium segment of Leavened Products and the guardian of the authentic recipe of Panettone Milanese in Italy. Tre Marie is part of Galbusera S.p.A. since 2014. Galbusera and Tre Marie share the same values: deep roots in the traditional Italian Bakery, very high quality of product and process, together with a strong drive towards innovation and an ambitious vision of future. The pastry chefs of Tre Marie are true artisans of leavened dough, capable of enhancing its characteristics and guardians of the secret touch of each panettone: the ‘Mother’ yeast. Enclosed in the heart of the oven and carefully protected in a cloth, from which we take small portions every day. Three different doughs rise for three long days. The most popular quality of panettone is hidden in the leavening: SOFTNESS. The soft dough is transformed into a delicate texture with the characteristic irregularly sized cavities to represent the ‘miracle’ of leavening. Even the perfect, balanced and round taste is achieved and guaranteed by the 72 hours of the traditional processing method. Scented candied peel of Sicilian oranges and precious cubes of diamond cedar. Carefully selected, cut into thick cubes and dipped in candied syrups that make them shiny, soft, pulpy and juicy. Tre Marie candied oranges are non-peel scorzoni, because they derive both from the outer part of the peel, like all candied fruit, and from the albedo, the white part between peel and pulp.

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Tre Marie

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