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Classic Panettone Loison is a real elegant gift.

About the Brand

Tradition is the main ingredient and passion is what heats Loison’s ovens: they have been creating signature confections for three generations and they bring them to tables across the world. Their family business was started by grandfather Tranquillo, who then passed it on to his son Alessandro. Now, Dario Loison heads this 75-year-old company that relies on a long-standing family trade and history.

To make such soft and delicate confections, that yield the same fragrance that artisan bakeries can produce, takes special ingredients, a slow and natural rising process, gradual cooling and patience, because good things cannot be rushed. Something that not all businesses can accomplish.

But above all, what it takes is three generations of passionate people. Grandfather Tranquillo, the first to fall in love with the art of bread making, passed it on to his son Alessandro. Together they turned the bakery into an actual family-run business with a new workshop that opened in 1969. Dario is now the head of the company with over 75 years of experience and progress. Today, Loison finds its strength in its ancient family trade and history: the international success of its many confections lies in combining the art and quality, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, experience and innovation, tradition and the on-line world.

Skillfully mixing simplicity with love for genuine products, time and foresight can yield one-of-a-kind results, because artisan pastry making cannot be rushed: time is needed to exalt and skillfully combine delicate flavors full of history. It is the art of transforming tradition into quality.


Classic Panettone Loison: wheat flour – raisins 19% – butter – fresh egg yolk – candied orange peels 8% (orange peels – glucose syrup – fructose – sugar – acidy corrector: citric acid) – natural yeast (wheat) – sugar – fresh pasteurized milk 4% – inverted sugar – emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids – salt – flavorings.

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