Balsamic Vinegar Giusti “Il Profumato”


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Balsamic Vinegar of Modena "Il Profumato" has a delicate balance of flavors and extraordinary versatility. This product is aged in French oak barrels with the addition of already aged balsamic vinegar taken from old barrels.

It is perfect with raw vegetable dip, ratatouille, fancy salads. Sauces and sauces for lean roasts and game. Stews and stewed red meats.

A "Classic" from the Giusti family. of good body and thickness, releases note delicate hints of sweet, ripe fruit which are interwoven with notes of licorice and black pepper. The taste gives off a delicious balance of flavors and its extreme versatility.


Cooked grape must and aged wine vinegar.



Founded in 1605, Giuseppe Giusti is the oldest producer in the world, after 17 generations of expert balsamic vinegar producers have brought Giusti is to be recognized as the point of reference for Balsamic Vinegar enthusiasts in Modena.



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Brand of Italian Balsamic Vinegar


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