aged parmesanA Parmesan aged (Parmigiano Reggiano) has at least 12 months, the highest among cheeses: at that point only the forms deemed suitable for the selection examination can continue aging for 24 months or more.

Only the forms that have the essential characteristics to receive the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) will bear the markings and dotted writing.
The main reference ranges are 3 (over 18 months, over 22 months, over 30 months), indicated by as many colored stamps that are used precisely to identify the different maturations of the cheese.


Parmigiano Reggiano Formaggio - Foto gratis su Pixabay


Parmesan aged 12 months

At 12 months the Parmesan is young, defined as “new” by experts. The pasta is still tender and the aromas are less predominant. The accentuated lactic base gives the cheese the taste of milk, yogurt or butter. However, vegetal notes such as grass, boiled vegetables, flowers or fruit may be perceptible.

Parmesan aged 14-16 months

Delicate flavor, notes of milk and wild herbs, straw yellow color, slightly soft texture: Parmigiano Reggiano Mezzano is an excellent table cheese, good and light. How to enjoy it? Try it cut into cubes, accompanied by a dry white wine or with fresh fruit.

Parmesan aged 18 months

After 18 months of aging, a well-marked lactic base is perceptible and the aromas that distinguish Parmesan begin to be felt. The dough is still soft, but has an already appreciable graininess and friability.

Parmesan aged 24 months

Parmesan aged 24 months has reached the optimum degree of ripeness to be tasted. The crumbly and grainy dough has a perfect balance between sweet and salty. It lends itself to all gastronomic preparations, even grated on first courses.

Parmesan aged over 30 months

Over 30 months of maturation, aged Parmigiano is called “very old”. The aged Parmigiano Reggiano is particularly dry, crumbly and grainy, with an intense and decisive aroma. The notes of spices and dried fruit are predominant. It is perfect to be grated, but also to be tasted with honey or balsamic vinegar. It is highly digestible and rich in nutrients, suitable for lactose intolerant and younger children.

Parmigiano Reggiano embodies a unique and extraordinary journey lasting a thousand years, which still takes place today in the same places, with the same passion and the same ingredients.



Photo from: Pixabay

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