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Sardinia island, along with Sicily, is one of the largest Italian islands for territorial extension.
Sardinia is very famous in the world for its territory. It is rich in mountains, forests, rocky shores and long sandy beaches. These territorial differences, a little bit mountainous and a little bit maritime, the miles of white sandy beaches and the astonishing colors of the sea have always led to a growing number of tourists from around the world on the Sardinian coast. The Costa Smeralda, the coastal stretch of northeastern Sardinia, in particular, is well-known as the chicest part of the island.
In addition to being famous for beaches and the sea, Sardinia has a rich and ancient culinary tradition, handed down from generation to generation.

Among the best-known recipes and typical products you can find:

  • the Sardinian Pecorino P.D.O;
  • the Carasau Bread slim very crisp disks obtained through a double baking in the wood furnace;
  • the Fregola is dry pasta of durum wheat semolina, processed to small lumps perfect to accompany with shrimps or with tomato sauce;
  • Malloreddus wheat semolina little gnocchi usually seasoned with sausage sauce;
  • the Culurgiones are dumplings of fresh pasta sauces filled with potatoes, ricotta cheese, and mint;
  • the Gallurese Soup with Carasau Bread, spices and pecorino, all softened with broth and baked in the oven;
  • the piglet (“porcheddu” in Sardinian) slowly cooked to the spit;
  • the Seadas sweet which are thin pasta disks containing a filling of lemon-flavored fresh pecorino cheese, fried and covered with melted honey;
  • the Orilletas prepared with flour and egg dough that, after frying, are immersed in a hot syrup of honey and water;
  • the Formagelle are cakes made of dough filled with a low layer of fresh cheese flavored with lemon;
  • the red wine Cannonau;
  • the Mirto liqueur.


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