Cured meats in Veneto, are loved by locals. We can find many types, so we listed some of them for you.


cured meats in veneto


Soppressa Vicentina

Soppressa Vicentina is commercially available in cylindrical shapes, covered with a network of twine, with a length varying between 25 centimeters and half a meter. When cut, the slices are soft and pink, revealing the characteristic irregular white marbling due to the fat component. They have an intense aroma due to the presence of spices and aromas, the flavor is aromatic and tends to be sweet. Soppressa Vicentina had DOP recognition in 1992.

Belluno Salame

To make the Belluno Salame, mixed meats are used. The production protocol provides for the use of 20-25% of pork lard and the remaining 75-80% of lean meat. The meats are minced in a meat grinder, with a plate with 6 mm holes and with a low number of revolutions/minute in order not to heat them too much, because they would lose taste and quality. Salt, pepper, full-bodied red wine and, in some cases, spices or garlic in varying quantities are added.

Prosciutto Berico-Euganeo

It is a raw ham typical of the Berico-Euganean foothills area, which is located on the southern border of the provinces of Padua, Vicenza and Verona. The product is characterized by a particularly sweet flavor and is obtained by processing the legs of pigs, born and raised in the production area, subjected to a controlled and specific diet that affects the organoleptic characteristics of the final product. When cut, the ham is soft, of a beautiful pink color, with inviting aroma and sweet taste. The recognition of the PDO designation by the European Union dates back to 1996.


In Venice we find the Bacari, typical very small local taverns where cicchetti are served. Forerunners of “finger food”, cicchetti are appetizers of meat, fish and cheeses. Cured meats in Veneto go well with just a bite of bread, a good salami and maybe a soft cheese to compose the Venetian cicchetto: the perfect match with the tasting of the wines that offer Bacari.

crued meats in veneto

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