The grapes for the production of traditional balsamic vinegar PDO of Modena must be produced in the traditional territory of the Province of Modena. Similarly, processing and bottling must also take place in the provincial area.

balsamic vinegar pdo

Balsamic Vinegar PDO Charachteristics

The product obtained is characterized by a dark brown color, full and shiny; appreciable density in a correct, flowing syrupiness; characteristic bouquet, fragrant, complex but well blended, penetrating and persistent, with evident but pleasant and harmonious acidity. The flavor is sweet and sour, well balanced with appreciable acidity with a slight tangent of aromaticity obtained from the influence of the various woods used in the vinegar making.

Balsamic Vinegar PDO Production

The PDO denomination provides that balsamic vinegar is produced from grapes grown in the vines of the province of Modena (Ancellotta, Lambrusco, Trebbiano and Sauvignon, among others), which tend to be harvested in the months of September and October. At the end of the harvest, we work on the production and boiling of the must, which generally takes place in open jars (for a duration of about 30 minutes). Once cooking is complete, the must undergoes maturation inside wooden barrels, stored in rooms (vinegar) that boast a degree of humidity that favors the aging process.

Particular attention is paid to the type of wood with which the barrels are produced, as these give the vinegar rather characteristic aromas: among the most popular, oak, chestnut, cherry, juniper and ash. According to the regulations governing the production of balsamic vinegar of Modena, the aging period is at least 12 years, during which the product is decanted from a larger barrel to a smaller one, given the continuous decrease of the product due to natural evaporation and fermentation.

At the end of this long process, which can last even more than 25 years, a vinegar with a rather dark color is obtained, with an important density (almost syrupy), with a complex aroma, and with a sweet and sour taste and well structured. In short, a real traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena.

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