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Original Classic Panettone from Motta is 100 years old, a great anniversary!

About the Brand

Since its foundation in 1919 in Milan, on the initiative of Angelo Motta, the Motta brand stands out for its ability to create and innovate in the confectionery sector thanks to a wealth of knowledge and technical skills of the highest level. Strong of the acquired know-how, Motta has been the protagonist, over the years, of innovations that have gone beyond the product, setting trends in society and language, marking a change in lifestyle. Today it presents itself as a brand that sets trends in quality, offering answers that are never predictable, ingenious, surprising and suited to the needs of consumers. The secret of Mr. Motta’s success is precisely in the panettone, the Original.

The pastry chef, in 1919, takes up the ancient method of natural leavening and revisits the dough and the shape of the cake. In this way, the panettone becomes taller, softer and richer in raisins. Since then, its creation has conquered the whole world and has been an all-Italian icon for 100 years. A legend of love is linked to the panettone: that of Ughetto degli Antellari, a noble knight who, to win over his beloved Adalgisa, prepared a sweet bread with raisins and candied orange and citron peel. Another story is that of the chef Toni who, after burning the Christmas cake, decided to garnish it with candied fruit and raisins. Thus was born the panettone, called “pane di Toni”.


Original Classic Panettone: wheat flour – raisins 19% – butter – fresh egg yolk – candied orange peels 8% (orange peels – glucose syrup – fructose – sugar – acidy corrector: citric acid) – natural yeast (wheat) – sugar – fresh pasteurized milk 4% – inverted sugar – emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids – salt – flavorings.

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