Green Olives Spread – 85 gr


  • Italian antipasto spread
  • Made with Italian olives from Liguria
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • 85 gr in a glass jar

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Green Olives Spread – A delicious selection of Italian appetizer, ideal for offering and sharing with family and friends. To produce this green olives spread of Polla, their processing is as simple as possible so as not to alter the natural product: the Taggiasca olive patè is in fact obtained exclusively from pitted and ground Taggiasca olives in brine with the addition of aromatic herbs. Recommended on canapés, added to lightly fried for a risotto, added in small doses to flour and eggs to obtain dark tagliatelle or simply with oil and parmesan cheese to season a pasta dish. Perfect for any day and events. Eat it with friends and family and bring Italian flavours on your table and in your life. High quality ingredients only, healthy and delicious.

About the Brand

Nicolò Polla takes olive oil production very seriously to continue the tradition inherited for 5 generations. It was 1875 when Paolo Polla and his son Nicolo ‘started grinding olives in the stone mill in the Ligurian village of Toirano, halfway between Genoa and the French border, in the province of Savona and 3km from the sea. The harvest was transported along the ancient mule tracks that furrowed the hills marked by low stone walls, used to delimit the thin strips of land stubbornly cultivated. On these terraces, kissed by the sun and the sea breeze, the family’s centenary olive trees still grow today.


Taggiasca olives in brine, pitted and finely chopped, with the addition of aromatic herbs and extra virgin olive oil.

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