Spicy Grilled Mushrooms – 140 gr


  • 140 gr in glass jar
  • Grilled mushrooms with chili pepper and garlic in olive oil
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free

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Spicy Grilled Mushrooms. Carefully selected. These mushrooms are sliced, grilled, flavoured with spicy chily pepper, garlic,basil and preserved in sunflower oil.and extra virgin olive oil

About the Brand

Pucci is a historic company in the Italian canning sector. It bears the name of the family that founded it and that still leads it today in the northern Italy Born as a small grocery shop in 1932, it turned into an artisanal business in the mid 1950’s with the production of vegetable preserves and pickles.The company brand definitely emerged between the 1970’s and the 1980’s, with the proliferation of mass market retailers and supermarkets.The access to mass market retailers represents a turning point in the company’s history.The third millennium has turned Pucci from an artisanal company into an industrial company with a widespread and capillary distribution network.
Today, the Pucci Group is led by the family’s third generation and represents a key player in the international market for vegetable preserves, pickles and mustards.Our extensive product range includes antipasti olive sundried tomatoes artichokes pesto etc.. The company has been paying more and more attention to good environmental practices and, in compliance with new European regulations in the energy sector, has recently carried on an eco-sustainability project through the implementation of a photovoltaic plant covering a surface of 18.000 square meters and developing 750 Kwh, in order to meet the power needs of the company while fully respecting the environment.




grilled fresh mushrooms (64%) sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil (4%) chily pepper garlic parsley basil salt wine vinegar. Acidity regulatori: citric acid. Antioxhidant: ascorbic acid

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