Linguine with lobster is a decidedly refined first course. A perfect dish for an important dinner, to make a great impression with the guests or even just to take a whim. A first classic, from the Campania tradition. Surely with spaghetti with clams or pasta with seafood is among the most popular first courses of all. A seafood dish, in fact, which combines the consistency of linguine with the delicate taste of lobster pulp and which goes well with various seafood main courses. In addition to being tasty and inviting, it is a type of pasta that is also quite easy to prepare. 

Lobster linguine

How to make linguine with lobster

One small, big recommendation for linguine with lobster: drain it al dente. The good cooking of the pasta, in fact, is essential for the success of this dish. Drain the pasta after ten minutes, so that it maintains the right consistency and does not overcook: it affects the taste, the manageability of the entire course. For the rest, the preparation of linguine does not differ from that of other typical traditional seafood dishes. The delicious linguine with lobster are cooked – in fact – with pasta seasoned with tomato sauce in which you have cooked the lobsters divided into two parts. Total preparation time about half an hour.

Buon appetito!


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