Want to know how to store saffron? Then keep reading! Saffron is a perennial herbaceous plant with a spherical bulb-tuber that is fleshy and white inside, while externally it is covered with reddish-brown membranes. The leaves of the saffron are in appearance like those of all crocuses: thin, linear, similar to blades of grass, numerous and gray-green in color.

Pure saffron in pistils must be stored in a dark, cool and dry place. It does not go bad but we recommend consuming it within 2 years from the date of harvest to preserve the aroma and nutritional qualities of the spice.

how to store saffron

Keep it away from light and heat, which over time cause the spice to lose its aroma and nutritional properties. Also pay attention to humidity that can irreversibly ruin saffron. If you store the stigmas in an airtight container, such as a glass jar with a screw cap, which is better than the cork in keeping away moisture, saffron can be kept safely even for three or four years. Being a dried spice it hardly goes bad and it is a product with a very long shelf life but over the years it gradually loses its flavor and nutritional qualities.

The saffron is harvested once a year between October and November and is ready for sale by December. Saffron matures over time and develops a bittering power due to the effect of pyrocrocin, and as it ages it increases the bitter taste a little. In our opinion, the best aroma is reached after two or three months of drying and is kept for at least a year. After that it is ready to be used to make risotto milanese, normal risottos, pasta and many other recipes!



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