poster with cheese and farm animals


The annual CHEESE Fair in Bra, close to Milan, is starting today, Friday the 20th of September. One weekend filled with exciting food offers all around our all-time favorite dairy product: Cheese.

This year’s approach is all about natural and green processing. It is more important then ever to be aware about the products we use and buy. Not only because of the impact that the food production industry has on the climate change, but also for our own health.

The number of people with allergies is increasing

The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology is predicting that 50% of European Citizens will be suffering from at least one type of allergy until 2025.

The change of lifestyle during the last decades is known as one of the main reasons to evolve allergies. Various diets and rules for eating behaviors are flooding the media. Bloggers, Influencers and Celebrities are sharing their food diaries, trying to find the perfect way to live a healthy life.


a pile of different cheese types


High quality products with selected ingredients and without conservatives can be a good start to change our eating behavior.

Natural Cheese

CHEESE offers only raw milk products without selected ferments and aims to select other comestibles with the same mindfulness.  In fact, on this fair you can find a variety of food options that are not only based on cheese.

On the schedule are also conferences, interactive events and tastings to learn more about the world of agriculture and farm life.

A World of Cheese

Not only regional Italian producers are exhibiting their products. Manufactures from all over the world are presenting their best cheeses on this fair. It is the place to be for every cheese fanatic, ready to get to know the most exotic as well as the  most aromatic ones.